How to Fix Missing required field entry-title,Update,hCard Error in WordPress

Recently when I tested one of my WordPress blog via Google Structured Data testing tools,i got the Following errors:

Error: Missing required field “entry-title”.
Error: Missing required field “updated”.
Error: Missing required hCard “author”.
It was weird,as Everything was already mentioned in my wordpress theme codes,but still I was getting the error and I had to resolve the issue.
What I observed that it was mentioned in the theme but not as Google wanted them to be,obviously altering the code was going to be a hectic task,as it means changing lots of codes.So,Here in this tutorial,I’ll try to help out each and everyone in an easy way.
The First step will be Navigate to appearance>Editor and open the single.php and now we will try to resolve the issue one by one(I hope you will use your Intelligence as I am not sure who coded your theme).

Fixing “Error: Missing required field “entry-title”.”

Now Find out the below code

Change the above code with the below one:

If you failed to find out the first code,in that case find out a code which uses something like “title”,now observe the difference in both the above codes carefully,the difference is just of “entry-title”,which isn’t in the first code,these are the two words google needs,add them between the quotes as you can see in the above code… remember don’t remove anything.

Fixing ” Error: Missing required field “updated”.”

Find out the below code:

Change the above code with the below one:

Failed to find out the first code? Find out something which refers to “Date” or “Time” and carefully observe the difference in both the above codes,it’s “date updated”,these are the two words google needs to fix out the problem,add them carefully.

Fixing “Error: Missing required hCard “author”.”

Find out the below code:

Change the above code with the below one:

Failed to find out the first code? Find out something which refers to “author” and carefully observe the difference in both the above codes,you have to add two lines,one above the code and one below the code,just do it and you are done.

Can’t find single.php?
There are some themes in which you will not find the file single.php,in that case find out file which resembles to single.php,like in some themes it is content.php,content-blog.php etc.

I hope this will resolve the issue,But In case it doesn’t you may ask us,or if you wish to resolve the issues immediately, share the codes of your single.php with us via pastebin,we will look into it or get in touch with us via email admin[@]



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  1. Robert Reed says

    Useful tutorial. I used to have the same problem, but since I use AuthorSure plugin, everything works fine.

    • says

      You are using twenty twelve?
      I have Checked the twenty twelve theme and the theme have issue with “Updated” time only and everything else is working fine,and here is how to solve the updated time:
      Open your themes functions.php and find $date in the codes,In the next line you will see time class=”entry-date” change it to time class=”updated”.

  2. foo bar says

    I’ll try to help out each and everyone in an easy way.

    Your post is 100% copy&paste with w/o any additional value. Also you should be careful when sharing superficial knowledge.

    • says

      Don’t be jealous.
      May I know from where it has been copied? I have explained it much better as compare to others most of the solution on internet will ask you to change a piece of code but different themes have different codes and there solution does not works for everyone,But here as you can see I have the solution which will work for everyone,just they have to use their brain a little bit.
      Don’t worry I am open to criticism and I allow everyone to comment until it’s abusive or spam or have incorrect info which is in your case but I am still approving your comment,neither you have your original name nor the original email address,and it’s expected from some people on the Internet.

  3. Xiomara says

    Hey there,

    I am Xiomara, a founder of – I need your little support about google structure data issue. I am not able to resolve this issue from my site, as you said send us your single.php code and you will be on to it. Please find the code given below and let me know what you will do for you. I will be looking forward to your quick response, advance thanks.

    <article >


    <div class="entry “>

    ”.__(‘Pages:’,’hueman’),’after’=>”)); ?>

    <?php the_tags('‘.__(‘Tags:’,’hueman’).’ ‘,”,”); ?>

    PS: I am using hueman theme.


  4. Jeff George says

    I get these errors: ( Error: Missing required field “updated”
    Error: Missing required hCard “author”) with Google Structured Data Testing Tool. Single.php does not include the code at all. I have checked other areas of the theme like functions.php and content.php, and these lines do not exist. What do you suggest?

  5. says

    Nice tips! I implemented this on my previous TwentyFourteen WordPress theme. In TwentyFourteen, you have to use content.php rather than single.php. It was working perfectly fine.

    Now the problem I am facing after upgrading to Independent Publisher Theme ( I somehow can’t locate those tags to edit. Can you help me with that? Or may be can we implement this via functions.php file?

  6. saqib says

    Hi dear
    i have the same error which u discussed . but after correction when check from
    it still give me error for author,entry title,updated please give me suggestion thanks in advance
    here is my single.php code after correction

    PS.i am using hueman theme.


    here is my website

  7. hüseyin doğan says

    bende aynı şekilde hata alıyorum. fakat verdiğiniz kodlar single.php sayfasında görünmüyor. benim temam pressimo, bana yardım edebilir misiniz

  8. Flavia says


    I have the same problem. I use the Pinnacle Free theme in WordPress.
    Using the Test Tool in Webmaster, it gives me a warning of missing:author.

    I am trying to follow the instructions in this tutorial but the problem is that in my Single.php there is no such thing. There is only the following:


    In my entry-meta-author.php, there is this:


    Finally, in the authorbox.php (lib/authorbox.php), with regards to author and vcard I get this:


    Anyone has an idea of where should the changes in the editor be done? I don’t want to mess up and I am not a developer/IT.


  9. Ashish Sareen says


    I’m unable to fixing these errors for my website based on your above tutorial and below is my single-r-right.php code for your review.

    It would be great if you fix and let me know the details.

    Thanks in advance.

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